Welcome to our wine shop! Rahal Wines are crafted from select vineyard grapes grown throughout Northern California and the Central Valley. We handpick and taste the best grapes, from the best growers, and produce our wines in limited quantities for you to enjoy. Please browse through our wine selection.

Cabernet Sauvignon

$25 + S&H

This Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and full-flavored. A great complement to your meal.


$22 + S&H

The clarity and bouquet exhibits the flavor of the Chardonnay grape without Oak.

Cabernet Franc

Out of stock

This Cabernet Franc has incredible succulence, and persistence.




$25 + S&H

This Merlot is smooth and well-balanced. It pairs well with any meal.

Pinot Grigio

$22 + S&H

The bold aromas and flavors make this an exceptionally refreshing wine.


Out of stock

This Syrah is full-bodied, and harmonious, excellent with red meats, poultry, and cheeses.